Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being aware of being watched

Tablet and smartphone are now part of teen's favorite toys. Some are even on facebook, youtube before being 13 years old (they are not supposed too if you follow the rules). Teen love to be watched! They feel pretty proud to have thousand of views of their latest video posted on Youtube and to have hundreds of "friends" on facebook.
However do they know that they are being watched?
Do they know that every post, message, photos, videos are being recorded?

Well if you can access your information and post from anywhere and any computer, that's mean they are in the Cloud. And what is the cloud?
The cloud is actually several center, platform, infrastructure where computers record and keep all data getting in the cloud, so you may access those from anywhere. you may read about it in Wikipedia for example:

What appear to me essential to know as today is that you, me, them are being watched and recorded!
And as former employees of the NSA said : "if you want something to stay private: do not post it in the cloud"

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