Saturday, December 12, 2009

What to show our children

After 3 years old, showing a little bit of TV on special occasion can be fun if parent choose the program very carefully. I would recommend to avoid TV and rather show videotapes or dvd.

Not exposing our children to commercial is essential. So avoiding TV is logical and simple to do. There are tone of Video and DVD available and parents can choose the most appropriate. Documentaries are the best program for younger. In fact starting to choose cartoon to the young children is a mistake. Parents should keep the TV time for documentary, young children love all kind of documentary, particularly if they did not see anything else yet on Television. It is the perfect time to feed their natural curiosity. Documentaries about animal always get a great success!

Other programs with a slow pace are also interesting for young children and adapted to their rhythm of thinking. "Mister Roger neighborhood" is an amazing program for young viewers.

Winter vacation may be the perfect time to show some special movies like:
Caillou's holiday Movie
Chitty Chitty bang bang
Mary Poppins

Programs with no villain are more appropriate for young children, those with songs are the best. Children tend to reproduce what they see, re-enact with their friends at recess for example, so gentle programs will teach them gentle play.

If you have any doubt about this, just go to observe some game at recess. You will notice that the most agressive kids are the one watching violent programs and often to much TV.