Friday, March 02, 2007

question of the day: image of death

What about seeing image of death on TV?
When my kids screened this amazing documentary series about Homo Sapiens, they saw 2 of them drowning.
The images where soft but "real". I mean by real, that it was not a cartoon, or a glamorized death from a movie.
It was simple, like most of the time in real life. but thoses scenes raised many questions from my daughter and many discussions around death, as, when watching meat of fish in the plate: "is this dead?" "what was this when it was alive?"
Since those scenes, death stays the main question.
I did interrogate myself about the experience.
Was it too early for them to witness such images?
Well, my conclusion was no. And I rather have them get those healthy reactions, being puzzled, even a little uncomfortable with this first contact with human death.
I would not have like for them to see it in a cartoon or a movie, and do not even notice...