Saturday, November 09, 2013

Still no time for TV

I continue posting about what I called "still no time for TV". I realize that many parents seem to feel the opposite, something more like "so much time for TV" or should I say "so much time for the screen" wishing they kids would spend more time doing something else.

I do hear many parents complaining about the time their children spend either watching TV, movies or playing video games.

So I continue my serie "still no time for TV"

After school on Friday, my kids had just enough time to start their homework, eat and go to bed to be up very early for their swim meet. And on Saturday, after the swim meet they just have time to continue their homework... Oh I wish school stop giving them so much homework so they will have some time to actually relax, play, read and do whatever they feel in the mood to do.

School believe that homework is important and that kids should have plenty of those. I disagree completely but it is not my choice anyway so we need to comply.

However, considering that my children have after school activities everyday (and they are not the only ones in that case), getting home no sooner than 6 pm and some days 7 pm, going to bed by 8 pm and in between having diner, homework is not welcome. They have very little time for it during the week and end up having to do it all over the week-end...

So, Saturday after swim meet, they do not have enough time to actually finish their homework as they need to go to bed early again to get up by 6 am for next day swim meet. I can already guess that tomorrow when they get home, they will simply have to get back to hopefully finish the homework and may have some rest, thanks to Veteran day which give them their Monday off.

So yes again: still no time for TV

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