Friday, January 14, 2011

Why we do not have time for TV

Beside the fact that after school our children like other have homework, after-school sport and like to relax doing their own things which in our home is reading, we do not have time for TV because of plenty of other things. Yesterday we went to the beach until sundown and have some friends over for diner. The children were having an amazing time playing together, and it is so nice to see 4 children laughing for hours.

Tonight, it was piano time, my daughter was practicing and as she was playing a waltz, I started to teach my son how to dance the waltz. Dad started to teach the dancing to and in no time the four of us were waltzing as my daughter wanted to learn it too :-)

Before going to bed, my children played piano, composing their own music and having fun, my daughter was enjoying teaching piano to her brother.

About piano, I would like to tell you this little story: I was visiting some friend the other day, they have 3 wonderful children, nice, smart and interesting. The boy is about 11 year old and plays the piano. He is pretty good and enjoys it. He was speaking to me about all those kids he knows who are spending hours playing video-games. It is not that he does not like video-games but he does not understand that they spend so many hours a week playing them.
He was nice enough to play a piece of music for us and then he told me "they play video-games, I play piano, my piano is my games-box"