Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why my children have their own computer and email and do not watch TV?

Well, let's see why I would let my children have their own laptop and email while their are not watching TV?

First of all, they are learning since the beginning that TV and Computers are tools. We may watch TV programs from time to time that we did record so we can watch them at our convenience without commercial and all-together.

Computer and the internet are tools that we did use since a long time. For example we enjoy watching video on specific subject on YouTube, like watching a program from the History Channel about the Mayflower, or listening to other kids saying their poetry...

We do not have video games in our home and we will never have any as we consider those a waste of time. We favor real activities and communication over the virtual one. However, my children do have their own laptop and email so they can also communicate with their family and friends via internet. Email is also a tool and a great one to push kids to enjoy writing.

They do get some CD-Rom with educational activities. They like to use those from time to time. They are also getting used to navigate the internet (learning from us at the same time, some so important safety rules). They are using it to do some research for school and prepare some presentation.They enjoy typing their work using Word. Fun to do for 4 grader.

They are also very familiar with MSN and Skype as they use them since years to communicate with their grand-parents who live far away. That way, they do see and talk to each other every week!

They also have an I pad. They are very familiar with it as well. And in any case, they definitely identify TV and computer as tools.