Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still no time for TV

Tonight again, we could not have watch TV, we were too busy. Before diner, we took some clay and the four of us, my two children, my husband and me, sculpted some white air dry clay. We made some little characters that we will be happy to paint when the clay will be dry.

We then started to read some fun magazines they just got from France. And during the diner, we laugh a lot as my children were telling us all the new jokes they have discover.

After diner we read a little more and we started a game: a bingo! Bingo is fun for all age, particularly when you always have some surprise prizes for each winner. The fun is also to announce each number faster and faster, so each player must read all his numbers really fast to not miss any.

And after the bingo, as it is vacation, the children grabbed again their magazine to do some cross puzzles.
Playing many games, particularly board games or cards games, is an activity we love in our house. I would say that reading and playing games are the main activities in the evening.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What do we do without TV?

When I speak with other parents or children I noticed that most of them have the same routine on school days, they get home, have their snack, or get their snack on their way to after-school activities, do their homework and then get some free time to play with their video-games or watch TV.

As I often say, we do not have much time to watch TV in our home, we do have a lot of activities after school and we do have homework too.

Just thinking about what we are doing when homework is done ?

Well, we laugh a lot. Tonight my children finished to prepare little card and present to bring to school and it took them a great deal of time. They had to create, design, write and decide when and to whom.

Then it was time for diner. After a little talk we decide to play one of my kids favorite game at the table: "les incollables" a game of questions and answers adapted to their grade, kind of a "trivial pursuit" adapted to each grade. It is fun and challenging and make them learn some stuff on the way. One of tonight question was an anagram from this word: "ceinturon". This is a French word and they are working on this anagram since half an hour now, with a lot of giggles!
As they are having a lot of trouble with this anagram, they are creating tone of new words with those letters and get even more giggles from all this creation's frenzy.

Oh well, I am going to interrupt them sadly as it is time for bath.

Monday, December 13, 2010

TV in the car

Today, I noticed a TV in the Van before me, a cartoon was on. A child was watching. I thought about what I do in the car with my children.

First what we do when I pick them up from school, well we talk! It is a fun time to recall what happen at school, exciting. It became a routine of sharing their day in their world.

We also sing in the car, and very often actually. My daughter likes to sing all the song she is writing, my son enjoy to learn them too and they put up the show.

We also listen to music for sure, mostly my son's favorites lately, a compilation of all the music he loves. We also listen to all kind of different music, from children song to rock and roll.

And we listen to stories, particularly if we are in the mood for a quiet relaxing time. We have a bunch of great stories, audio-books that we can all enjoy.
And as it is Christmas time, we are listening to Christmas stories right now.

Our car is turned easily as a fun place to be. So when I saw this TV with cartoon, I felt sad. TV help to silence anything and everything.