Sunday, January 28, 2007

Choosing the video = feeding our kids imagination

We started our new year 2007 with a great hike!
It was so much fun. We stopped at a huge rock that we climbed and then my 4 and half twins took some rocks and started to break some other rocks. I am a homo sapiens” said my boy. “And me I am a homo erectus” said my girl.

Some may wonder, where did they got those names?
Well, very simple, they watched the documentary “A Species' Odyssey” by Jacques Malaterre. And here are what this documentary fed their imagination with:

The story begins with Orrorin tugenesis, the first hominid, who takes the first step for humankind as a way of coping in the high grasses of Kenya.
We encounter Lucy (Australopithecus anamensis), who some believe is the "grandmother" of mankind, as she tries to fit in with a group of bipeds.
We meet Homo habilis - explorer, inventor, juggler of ideas and man of power.
We watch Homo erectus as he masters fire and organizes the first-ever barbeque in history.
We follow the steps of Homo ergaster as he ventures out of the African cradle for the first time, forced by hunger or perhaps curiosity.
Finally, we meet the first Homo sapiens, who ultimately survive and thrive and dominate the planet.

They were fascinated, I was too!
When I told one of my friends that my kids were reenacting the beginning of humankind, she said “I wish mine does it too instead of playing princess all day long”.
Not that playing princess is bad or good, but
staying aware of what we are feeding our children brain with, seems relevant…