Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watching and making movies

Spring break! and we get some time to relax and do whatever we feel in the mood to do which include watching some movies and for my son, making some.

And this is what I love, for a child who does not enjoy watching movie that much, on the other end he likes to make some. So he started to make his own lego movies which is a great way to explore and experiment with his flip video. Then he does explore different ways to make shots and to edit them.

We watch an Agnes Varda's movie "Jacquot de Nantes" that they both really enjoyed. This movie relate Jacques Demy's life and filmography. As it started with his childhood, it was very interesting to see that at that time, families were going together to see puppet shows and how much jacquot was loving it. Then they saw how passionate Jacquot was with cinema, how much he loved watching movies. Then Jacquot manage to get an old camera to shot his own movies and animation.

I was happy to show my children this movie and found that it was the right time to do so as my son is getting so interested in making his own. We also went to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Lacma. My children really enjoyed it and particularly anything relating the making of. They are enjoying watching how were made all special effects and love to hear the actors speaking about their experience on the set.

We are also screening some old TV series, a few episode of Bewitched, and Samantha Stevens did not lose her magic charm. Sure the image of the ideal couple is someway dated... the housewife that Samantha is so urged to be is very submissive, she is eager to please her husband, always complimenting him and making him feel good. But on the other end, it also show the powers of women, Samantha always get her way and after all this does have real power as she is a witch, so an exceptional woman and Darrin is a mortal, so, an ordinary man.

I believe that children enjoy seeing the kind of family and community depicted by Bewitched, as it is a cooperative and peaceful one. Most episode show example of tolerance, respect for oneself as well as loyalty and most than all, love.

We are also screening episode of another old TV show: Happy days. And this time, it is my son's choice, he got those DVD for his birthday. Ones again, they both love this show which depicted the life of teenager in the mid-50 to mid-60. What captivate their attention is certainly the mains characters and their personality. Sure they love Fonzie, who doesn't? Their also love Ritchie and his sometime silly friends. But I believe that what captivate them the most are the situations and own those teenager react to them. Like, What is happening to Richie when he drink too much? or, what kind of silly things he is ready to do to be accepted in a special group? And is this worth it? Ritchie is smart and think, which makes this a lot more interesting for them. It is like a sneak preview of teenage life in a peaceful environment.

Which make me think that 11 years old children do enjoy those old TV series which in my opinion are better for them to watch than the new ones. The environment is a lot more peaceful which help them focus on simple but fundamental questions of life. The pace of those episodes is a lot slower than contemporary TV show. Not to mention that there is not commercial interruption on a DVD.

Anyway, what is really on TV today for tween  What do they watch? it seems that most watch reality TV, particularly talents shows of any kind. They usually love music and I believe that this is a constant. Kids and tween always loved music. So it makes sense that they love watching shows like The voice, or American Idol...

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