Wednesday, January 30, 2013

still no time for TV

My daughter got some DVD for Christmas, she got season one to three of Bewitched. We are all enjoying this old series  It is fun to watch it all together, it is always a good laugh. However finding the time to watch an episode or two stay challenging.

There is no way we would watch TV over the week, even if we want to, when that could happen?

Monday the children are coming home by 6pm and Tuesday by 5:30pm as they have after-school activities. So they cannot even have time for homework that they happily have done over the week-end.

Wednesday they coming home no later than 4pm and after doing homework and practicing their piano, they eventually hang out a bit before their piano lesson. They love this lesson and love their teacher, you should have seen them having fun with her tonight, playing and laughing, they would not let her go. So anyway, happily they had diner before as they barely had time to clean up before going to bed.

Thursday and Friday are usually more relax as they do not have any after-school activities but they do have homework :-) And they do practice their piano for sure. I bet it is like that in everyone family as I see that most children have after-school activities and even more than mine.

The fact is that there is no time for watching TV during the week. So, on week-end, we do find a little bit of time, mostly after diner to watch one or two episodes of Bewitched, all together laughing.

To be honest, with a PhD in film and TV, I have a huge collection of DVD of all kind. This is actually how my children saw Melies's movies early on and loved them. I do not think they will ever have the time to watch all of those DVD and it is a good thing as life is not about watching TV.

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