Saturday, February 08, 2014

I am getting hungry seeing all those people eating...

oh, what did you say? you are getting hungry seeing all those people eating in those commercials?

Exactly! that is exactly the point! We are watching the Olympic games, a great model we will think as we are watching sport.We are admiring the hard work of fit athletes. But unhappily, at each commercial break, and there are a lot of them, we are seeing people eating, commercial for food, for junk-food! People eating pizza, or chicken nuggets, or sweet...

So that is a challenge for a family where we avoid TV programs in order actually to avoid commercials. Happily we do not have much time for TV anyway. A rare grey week-end with a lot of homework is the occasion to follow the Olympic games while working on some artwork. But it does raise a question, how do you expect american to get healthier, eat better and less while they are watching people eating junk-food at almost every single commercial break?

Like my kid said, surprised to feel that way as it was the first time "whoah, to see all those people eating, it make me hungry"

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