Thursday, March 01, 2012

still no time for TV

As probably many of you, I have a collection of DVD that I would show to my children. But we honestly do not find the time to watch them.
May be if we were living in a cold weather city we would watch more DVD?
I am not even sure. last week, my children were sick, so we did stay home for days. And yes, in fact they did watch one movie. But they spent most of their time doing art, reading, playing board-game and resting too.

After watching one movie, they are already tired of the screen and do not wish to watch more. There is some DVD that they wish to watch but having the choice between screen time and some other fun activities, they always choose to do something else: outdoor, playing game, singing, playing piano...

And time is running really fast, during school week, we never have time to turn the TV on. And on week-end, we are usually outside. In fact, we have also a lot of other activities that we would love to do and still have difficulties to find the time for them. For example, we have a few science kit that would be fun to use, and for that we need at least an hour to start. We also have some art and craft that are waiting to be use. And some new board-game still waiting to be opened.
So yes, if we were leaving in a cold city, we would probably find more time to do all those indoors activities and may be, we would watch a little more DVD. But in Los Angeles, when homework is done and the weather is nice outside, we all prefer to go out, play tennis, hike, go somewhere.

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