Friday, October 07, 2011

'I don't let my children watch morning television... it turns them into zombies,'

said an article written by JO CLEMENTS.

"...Fiona Phillips has revealed she has banned her children from watching breakfast television, because it turns them into ‘zombies’.

The former GMTV presenter, who is married to the show’s editor-in-chief Martin Frizzell, said she finds early morning television irritating and listens to the radio instead..."

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A good observation made a many studies: the worse time for children to watch television is actually the morning!
Well, depending what and how, if it is a teacher showing a piece of documentary to illustrate her lesson, In other word using a video as a tools and in a specific context, this is not the same.
In that context children are supposed to be engaged in the screening as they will speak about it at the end with their professor.

On the other end, showing a movie or a cartoon in the morning will probably encourage a passive state of mind in the children. This is why parents and teachers should avoid showing those programs in the morning.

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