Sunday, June 06, 2010

Does parents want TV to raise their children?

On one side, pediatrics are raising their voice to warn parents about the danger of television.
On another one, researches show also the bad influence TV can have on children in many ways.
Other studies show how hours spend watching TV are connected to overweight.
Other studies show the relation between Time in front of the screen and ADD.

So many studies, so many researches, many articles you may read on this blog and still so many parents leaving their children spend hours and hours in front of TV.

So many reasons as well, parents tired and needing a break, parents needing time to prepare diner, and the free baby-sitter so handy, right there, always available.

However, parents have always needed to have a break and TV did not exist. So I did they do?
Very simple, children did not need TV as TV did not exist. One need to drink and eat but no one need TV.
I can assure you that when children are raised without watching TV, they do not need it and they still give parents a break. They go in their bedroom to read quietly, they play with their toys, they go play outside, they take a long bath, they write songs...

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